Best Business for Moms – act fast!

I’ve done a lot of working from home in my day. As a teenager, I taught private music lessons and started my own cosmetic business. As an adult, I signed up for a few MLM companies throughout the years either to earn free products or to earn money. Entrepreneurship is a venture that I’ve always been drawn to, and that I hold in high esteem, even earning a certificate in Small Business Development while I was in college!

Now, as a very busy mom of three young children, my heart hasn’t changed, but my life has definitely developed more challenges to running my own business. As moms, we need real business opportunities. That means, our income relies on us selling a product or offering a service–not on us “signing others up” with the company. We need something that adds to our income, period. We do not something that requires us to pay…to get paid! We need a simple business model that even allows us to involve our children in our work–not something that is complicated, frustrating, and that takes us away from our families.

And lastly, we need a business that makes a difference in the world that our children are growing up in. As a mom, homeschooler, and Recreation Therapist, Barefoot Books is my top recommendation for busy moms who want to make a difference and involve their children. Oh, and it’s legitimate as a business. Did I mention that? It’s important.

As an awesome bonus, just in December, you will get the Kind Kids Book Set for free when you become an Ambassador! This includes books that deal with all sorts of emotional issues– anger, grief, handling your emotions, and even The Boy Who Grew Flowers, inspired by the author’s brother who has Autism.


And additionally–the big reason why I wanted to share the Barefoot Books opportunity with you today–$100 when you get the bigger kit, or $50 when you get the smaller kit! This offer is a flash sale, only good today through 12/31/2016!


How do you get hooked up? It’s simple–order an Ambassador Kit. You’ll get a huge value of books, toys, and games, plus the bonuses above! NO minimum orders, NO monthly fees or buying, NO required selling. If you sell, you earn money. It’s like a retail business, but without having to buy the retail, and it’s really that simple.


So figure out which kit you want, order it by clicking here,  tell your kids, tell your friends, and get excited to bring some REALLY good books and resources to your local area and online communities!!!


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